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Barcelona New year 2018 / Campanadas 2018 Barcelona

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Magic fountains of Montjuic

Synopsis CAMPANADAS 2018 Barcelona

The 2018 Barcelona Campanadas shows has a total duration of 38 minutes. It is organized as followed:


The first minutes of the show will create a moment of great expectation as we introduce the space and settle all the technical resources.


It is dedicated to the farewell of 2017 through a mature male voice. This voice is integrated into the soundtrack. It’s about tradition, about what we want to preserve and what we have to leave behind. Like a ballast we must release to give space for what may come.

The first 9 minutes: increasing rhythm. Tradition, represented by the grapes, is the protagonist. Then, after growing and gained volume, the bunch of grapes will release an exploding cascade of confetti on the audience. Once the grapes have exploded,  2017 will give us its last gift: 7 minutes of rhythm and beats becoming one.  Time to dance and celebrate with amazing surrounding pyrotechnic effects. Thanks to that bonfire, our heavy ballast will be burnt letting us reach a brand new year 2018!!!


As an intermission, a test on the 12 strokes will be performed. This test will be like a conversation between the actual year and the year to come through an infant voice. The old year will explain to the new one how its entrance will be. And then comes the second part of the 2017 New Year eve show.


New Year, and its innocence, will encourage us to welcome it. Willing to start full of happiness. Maybe we’re still on time to say a last “I love you”? Or get surprised meeting someone new?

This part of the show of Barcelona Campanadas 2018 is pure rythm and tones, increasing and merging but that will leave enough time for  everyoneone to get ready for the midnight bells.

Campanadas 2018

The highlight of the show comes with the 12 strokes to midnight. Countdown will come first in order to let the emotion of the audience arise but also for technical resources of the area to get ready.


As a tradition, the first minutes of this New Year will be dedicated to a music & fireworks performance and then the final part of the 2018 Barcelona Campanadas show.

More Info

Artistic Direction: Miquel Seto – Efimer
Assistant Director: Marta Bayer
Original Soundtrack: Joel Condal – Marcel Fabregat – Eslastica
Pyrotechnics: Manuel Osuna – Equal Pyrotechnics
Lighting Design: Joan Teixidó
Sound Space Design: Tomi Perez
Fountain Choreography: Antonio Díaz – Anna Planas
Graphics: Oriol Caminal
Executive Production: Mario Daza
Executive direction: Cristian Trepat

VIDEO: TV 3 – Realization: Jordi Fabregas