De Peluix, ​​a giant soft monkey

Can you imagine that suddenly your favorite stuffed toy could become alive and gigantic?


Can you imagine that suddenly your favorite stuffed toy could become alive and gigantic?

The monkey called BÚ is this stuffed puppet, 6 meters tall, that wakes up in some place of your city and then leave and get to know everything on its way.

An innocent and affable puppet full of curiosity that would play with kids and adults wherever it goes.

De Peluix, is it just a giant soft monkey?

Our big soft toy isn’t only the biggest stuffed animal of all, but also the biggest puppet of the company. Our giant stuffed monkey is 6 meters high. Thanks to 6 actors and volunteers that will manipulate it with strings, it will be given life and amazing movements. Let’s be clear: this is not a teddy bear or even a gorilla. It is a cute monkey called “BÚ”. There are still no books that tell its tales but you can be part of it if it travels to your city and if you are available: YOU can be part of the volunteering team. Find out in our social networks where you could be acting and just come with us to be part of this adventure.

The giant stuffed monkey that we dearly call De Peluix, has been with us for 4 years, taking his first round at the Cabalgata de Reyes in Barcelona in 2013. And from then, through different towns and cities in Europe.

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Large format street itinerant. Suitable for parades.
PUBLIC: Family, all ages.
NUMBER OF ACTORS: 3 people of the company and 6 volunteers
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text
DURATION OF THE SHOW: 60 minutes or two 30-minute rounds

DIRECTOR: Miquel Setó
DESIGN: Miquel Setó, Efímer
CONSTRUCTION: Miquel Setó, Carlos Setó, Ibrahima Sori, Xevi Planas, Oriol Rufach.
CLOTHING: María Monzón, Efímer
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Eslàstica Produccions Musicals
PRODUCTION: Bernat Fuguerolas, Marta Bayer
TECHNIQUE: Oriol Rufach, Gerard Feliu.
DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: January 5, 2014; Cabalgata de Reyes de Barcelona

ASSEMBLY SPACE: 15 x 15 meters approx.
ITINERANT SPACE: minimum dimensions needed, 4.5 meters wide and 6 meters high.
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: place with 220V sockets in the assembly space and where breaks can be taken (if needed).
STAFF: 6 people for manipulation during the show (they require a pre-test at least 2 hours before the first performance) and 2 support people. Surveillance at times when there is no action.
See the technical document for more details.

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