La Gran Tempesta: a show for events

Don't let appearances fool you : it may look like a dome, but it's a bubble. "Shows for Events"


If you look at it from the outside, you can see beauty, but, only if you have entered, you can understand its magic. It’s a special moment in another reality. A party in another dimension. A show for events.

Our transparent dome, with its 8 meter diameter base, recreates those cristal snow balls with a miniature landscape inside, that you have to shake it snow.

Inside the dome, a bespoke created light & music show is reproduced in coordination with big turbines blowing kilos and kilos of confetti , making you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm . In addition to that, as the dome is transparent, there is another show: from outside, the public can see the inside, and its people of all ages playing with the confetti as if it were snowing. It is fascinating to see both adults and children having a good time together.

It is the perfect show for events with a large influx of public, as each round lasts only  5 minutes, and about 30 people fit in the dome The rounds follow one another without almost any pause but the time needed to change group, with an average influx that can exceed 200 people an hour.

A show for events

La Gran Tempesta is a show for all audiences, an almost sporting entertainment available in any city of Spain from Barcelona, to Madrid or Seville. This show is an original production of Efimer. This attraction is ideal for business events of great affluence. For several reasons, its structure allows us to entertain the viewer either inside or outside the dome with a sound system both inside and outside of it, turning the environment into a live concert. Hire this service is very simple: just contact us to settle final details.

5 reason why should you hire this show for your event?

    1. Impact Once the dome is installed with all its accessories, it impacts everyone.
    2. Diversion Exploring and feeling that sensation of being inside the dome turns out to be a unique experience.
    3. Entertainment guaranteed for a large number of people , since this attraction can accommodate up to 30 people every 5 minutes, ensuring that no one runs out of experience.
    4. Promotion If you’re looking to stand out on the networks with your events, this attraction gives you a secure disclosure through the networks of your guests.
    5. Price , Thanks to its magnitude and scope this attraction is affordable, contact us!

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Large format street installation.
PUBLIC: All ages.
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text.Show without text. Actors indications for correct work of the facilities can be given in Catalan, Spanish or English as needed.
DURATION OF THE SHOW: Uninterrupted rounds of about 5 minutes.

DIRECTOR: Miquel Setó
DESIGN: Miquel Setó
CONSTRUCTION: Efímer, Miquel Setó, Carlos Setó, Ibrahima Sory.
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Eslàstica Produccions Musicals.
LIGHT AND SOUND: Oriol Rufach.
DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: September 18, 2015; Celebrations of the Mercè in Barcelona.

AREA: Free of obstacles and flat surface of 16×10 meters minimum.
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: power 22KW (approx), (three phase at 380V + neutral + grounded socket), with a general picture of distribution with 2 cetact shots of 32A and 2 shots to schuko
STAFF: 2 people loading and offloading during assembly (3,5 hours) and disassembly (2,5 hours). 2 support people when operating. Surveillance when installation is not operating.
See the technical document for more details.

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