Lo Carrofil, a children’s carousel

A children's carousel and a magical facility


The Carrofil couple is a marriage of 2 peculiar professionals: they are creators and builders of fantastic beings! But they got tired of being locked in their workshop so they have decided to travel and show their creations around the world.

Do you want to meet the dragons they create? Come and enter their imaginary world and you can live an unforgettable experience: ride and control one of their dragons! You’ll be safe, since they don’t bite!

A carousel and a magical facility: full of gadgets and beings as strange as endearing.

The Carrofil is a 7 meter diameter carousel with five geckoes made of thousand tissues cuttings. Each dragon supports 2 chairs so that 2 children between 3 and 12 years old can ride them. The actors of the company and an original musical theme follow them during the trip. In addition to the carousel, an original ticket office complements the facilities. From there, the actors of the company welcome the children and we offer them a little souvenir they can take back home.


Lo Carrofil is an entertaining proposal for children. This carousel has 5 fantastic characters that kids will have a great time with. It has been premiered in the city of Lleida in 2016 and then in Barcelona during the Mercé festival in 2017. Our attraction has proven to be of great interest to children.
In this children carousel, boys & girls can go on top of a Dragon and give movement to the mouth and neck. They will be followed up by the actors that will support and animate this ride.
This carousel has sound effects and animation provided by the company. This attraction is amazing, perfect for decorating or set the mood in some place.
This carousel is suitable for:

    1. Children’s parties or events where children need an attraction.
    2. Recreation areas.
    3. Large and crowded events.
    4. Fairs and festivals

Contact us for availability and prices.

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Street installation, carousel.
PUBLIC: children from 3 to 12 years old, families.
NUMBER OF ACTORS: 3 people from the company and 2 people from the organization
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text. The indications to the actors for the proper functioning of the installation can be given in Catalan, Spanish or English as appropriate.
DURATION OF THE SHOW: Uninterrupted rounds of about 5 minutes each.

DIRECTOR: Miquel Setó
DESIGN: Miquel Setó, Francisco Moreno
CONSTRUCTION: Efímer, Miquel Setó, Sergio Sisquer, Xevi Planas, Ibrahima Sory.
CLOTHING: María Monzón, Efímer.
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Eslàstica Produccions Musicals
PRODUCTION: Bernat Fuguerolas
TECHNIQUE: Oriol Rufach, Gerard Feliu
DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: May 2, 2015; Lleida Puppet Theater Fair

SPACE: Surface free of obstacles and flat of 10×10 meters minimum.
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: 220V power socket, 8000W.
STAFF: 2 people loading and offloading during assembly (2.5 hours) and dismantling (1.5 hours). 2 support people when not operating or for surveillance.
See the technical document for more details.

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