Tierra de Gigantes entertainment games for children and grown-ups

Tierra de Gigantes entertaining games for children


Let’s figure out what it feels like being an ant in a giant world. This is a different scale world. Everything is big, very big, and that’s why we’ll have to work hard to protect our refuge: just a corner away from threats. Inside, we keep our most precious thing: the future. Only the smallest ants are the chosen ones getting prepared to go out and explore. We, the big ants, are restless and brave: we are not afraid to spend the day outside the burrow and cross the grassy forest where you can get lost. We’re no cowards when a mountain has to be climbed. Entering tunnels and going through labyrinths and corridors. All day up and down. We are tireless: no one can defeat us!Entertaining games for children.When we used to be little we only wanted to be tall. Adults always tell you not to do this or that because you still have to grow up. But being small can be so exciting! We strive to adapt spaces for children with small custom-made objects. What about changing the rules? What about making them feel tiny in a Land of Giants?

We want to create a piece of world that would only makes sense for little kids: a space where you can only access if you are small enough. Children become ants for a while. They would go around this peculiar environment and get lost. And when leaving, they would finally feel proud to be small! And at the same time, how great it feels when changing the prism through which they measure the world!


This project comes from the joint work of Eulalia Ribera and Miguel Setó. It came up to fill a gap that, in our opinion, exists today in the shows aiming at our youngest audience regarding street entertainment. Indeed, there is already a wide offer of theatre programming for kids but we wanted to propose a new experience beyond closed rooms and bring that offer outside.

In short, we project a large format installation (a 100 square meters about surface) conceived as a single play space, with 2 different areas:

1 – An area for babies and children up to 2 years old, accompanied by their parents

2 – An area for children under 6 years old.

The differential features of this unique installation of its kind are:

On the one hand, the specific conception of all the elements. Taking into account criteria adapted to their physical possibilities and their specific contemplating interests.

On the other hand, the careful aesthetic design, with contemporary character, which stands out from most traditional street entertainment.

Thus we believe that we broke the traditional entertainment schemes for children in Barcelona.


It is a street facility that operates within a limited space that can contain 4 different areas. They can be assembled in several ways according to the space available. This way, this attraction can be a centre of entertainment and games for children.

-The first area, dedicated to babies under 2 years old, is the hiding place of the ants. Unlike the rest, the inner space is not visible from the public outside the installation. It is a cozy area, with controlled light and sweet music hidden under a white dome. The ground is soft and suitable for kid crawling, and for 100% safe first steps in there.

The entire space is lined with gauze at different heights. It shapes a labyrinthine space that can be explored according to motor skills. When these skills are still limited and babies can not discover the space on their own, they can comfortably lay down with the accompanying adult. Furthermore, those same gauzes work like screens hiding devices made of small projectors they can interact with: they’re fixed images that represent small animals, all different from the others. As if it were a gigantic mobile, grown-ups and children can play and discover these pictures moving inside that space and, perhaps, invent stories.

The 3 remaining areas are exclusively for children from 2 years old up to 6. The adults who accompany them remain outside these areas of activity, but they have all the bounded area between the three spaces to move freely and then stay close to their children. Despite being a centre of entertaining games for children, adults can also have a good time. There are 3 discovery areas, about 5 meters diameter each, with large dimension elements that challenge boys and girls and their motor skills. Those areas represent the environment and the labyrinth entrance of the ants burrow.

In the grass forest, the first space of all, there are huge blades of colorful inflatable fabrics. Without any possibility of seeing much further, children have to make their own way through the grass to cross it, or play hide and seek or look for other ants to explore together. In short, it is a singular and challenging labyrinth.

In the rocky mountain, the second area, a hidden structure holds together large pieces of high-resistance inflatable material. It is lined with colored fabrics that will challenge the ability of children: they’ll have to use their entire body to get to the top of a mountain … and then go back down!

At last, at the entrance of the burrow, the third area: there is a circular structure with different levels and heights, where tunnels and walkways crosses each other. They must be crossed with a certain sense of balance, or crouching and progressing on all fours.

These 3 spaces, although they involve a journey, are not necessarily to be experienced in that order. We understand that, apart from the baby’s area, the entire facility works as a single open space, where each child can discover and play at its own learning pace. We aim to find the right measure of risk and discovery as they enter that imaginary world which will stimulate their creativity.

The purpose of the 3 actors/facilitators of the company who will manage this space is to encourage children to, like ants, become great explorers despite their small size. The access will be made by group of around 30 children per session plus 10 babies in the space of the burrow. Each group session should last between 15 and 20 minutes. After this time, they must leave the facilities and a new group will be ready to access the playgrounds. The whole performance will have a total length of 2.5 hours. The influx of public (without taking into account the accompanying adults) during this event is around 400 children, and may double if we also count the grown-ups.

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Large format street installation.
PUBLIC: All ages.
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text. Actors indications for correct work of the facilities can be given in Catalan, Spanish or English as needed.
DURATION OF THE SHOW: Uninterrupted rounds of about five minutes.

Original Idea: Eulàlia Ribera and Miquel Setó.
Directors: Eulàlia Ribera and Miquel Setó.
Scenography: Carles Porta and EFIMER.
Clothing: EFIMER.
Technical Direction: Miquel Setó.
Production: Marta Bayer.

DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: September 18, 2015; Festivities of the Mercè de Barcelona

See the technical document for more details.

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