The dance of the Death

Do you like to party? Do you feel like dancing? Move your skeleton to the rhythm of ours!


Are you the kind of guy who stays away from the dance floor? We’ll challenge you to resist a leap in the hypnotic dance of death.

Our skeleton is a 6 meters high puppet made of threads, and supported by an electric crane. Thanks to the joint work of our 5 manipulators working by the audience, the puppet comes to life.

The Dance of the Death is an itinerant street performance made for parade formats. It is suitable for all audiences, but especially directed to young people. The chariot that drives the puppet also supports the sound system from which the soundtrack, and light effects are fired. The whole show is a choreography and the audience is encouraged to dance with the skeleton. We bet you won’t resist!

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Large format street itinerant. Suitable for parades.
PUBLIC: young audience and all ages.
NUMBER OF ACTORS: 5 workers of the company.
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text
DURATION OF THE SHOW: 60 minutes or two 30 minute rounds.

DIRECTOR: Miquel Setó
DESIGN: Miquel Setó, Efímer
CONSTRUCTION: Miquel Setó, Carlos Setó, Ibrahima Sori, Xevi Planas, Oriol Rufach.
CLOTHING: María Monzón, Efímer.
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Eslàstica Produccions Musicals
PRODUCTION: Bernat Fugerolas, Marta Bayer
TECHNIQUE: Oriol Rufach, Bernat Fuguerolas
DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: July 2013; “Carrer de Viladecans” Festival

ASSEMBLY SPACE NEEDED: 15 x 15 meters approx.
ITINERANT SPACE: Minimum dimensions of 4.5 meters wide and 6 meters high.
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 220V socket source in the assembly space and where breaks can be organized (if needed).
STAFF: 2 support people during the itinerant. Surveillance when not in use.
See the technical document for more details.

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