Real Dragons Traps

3 toys coming to our reality to play in your city.


After spending 10 daily hours in the hands of Technology, making a step back to those days we used to make our cardboard boxes and watercolors by ourselves, we suddenly realize that sensors, engines and screens will dominate the future that awaits us.

Recovering the simplicity of our childhood we introduce you our new invention: three “dragons” made of rags as if we had taken them out of some fantastic world. Like the doll that your grandmother would fabricate you or that imaginary being that you make from a napkin, our artefacts arise. 3 toys come to our reality to play in your city!

Our dragons are giant puppets 4,5 meters long and 2,5 meters high made of thousand fabric pieces. Their organic movements allow all kinds of actions.

“Traps”, a real Dragon show?

Dragons has been existing in our history as a myth for a long time in our world, whether royal or real this dream has always been present in our minds and in many cultures. It has developed incredible stories along the trajectory of mankind.
After many scientific studies from prehistory to recent times and endless documentaries, there has been no conclusive proof of the existence of real dragons. That’s why we have taken a step forward and created a real dragon show, animated and suitable for all dreamers.


Unfortunately no. But fortunately for us, in order to call these dragons, The Traps do not need to collect those 7 dragon balls: you just have to call us. According to our own legend they are alive in this century and they are able to go to any cave or city they are called. They may not be real dragons that you might have dreamt of but they are able to make you believe that they ARE. You may have enough looking at them in the eyes and see the monstrous and tender they can be.

Real dragons found

In our planet there is evidence of likeness of dragons on some animals such as large reptiles. For instance, the Komodo dragon, which has been assigned fantastic tales. According to science this species may have a great resemblance to dragons that we heard in fantastic. But of course these ones do not fly or spit fire, well… Our dragons “The Traps” neither, but they have a gigantic size that would scare anyone.

More Info

TYPE OF SHOW: Street itinerant. Suitable for parades.
PUBLIC: Family. All ages
LANGUAGE OF THE SHOW: Show without text
DURATION OF THE SHOW: 2 rounds of 30 minutes

ORIGINAL IDEA: Miquel Setó and Fer Benitez
DIRECTORS: Miquel Setó and Fer Benitez
DESIGN: Miquel Setó
CONSTRUCTION: Efímer, Miquel Setó, Ibrahima Sory
CLOTHING: María Monzón, Carla Dalmau
SOUND EFFECTS: Eslàstica Produccions Musicals
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Bernat Fugerolas Hacer Benitez
PRODUCTION: Fernando Benítez.
DATE AND PLACE OF PREMIERE: May 2, 2014; Lleida Puppet Theater Fair (Fira de titelles de LLeida)

ASSEMBLY SPACE: 10 x 10 meters approx.
STAFF: 3 support persons during the performances (one for each dragon Traps.)
See the technical sheet for more details.

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